Food in Paris

My First Meal

This summer I went to Paris to visit my friend Holly in Paris. The first thing that I wanted to do was eat of course. Holly brought me to a local cafe/restaurant and I sadly don’t remember the name of it. However, I have to say it was probably the best meal I had while I was there.

It was eggplant with shells.

My BreakFast

My breakfast consisted of croissants with chocolate.  Make sure not to go to any bakery.  It has to have a sign that says “boulangerie.”  This means that they bake everything at the bakery fresh that day.  Of course, if you are in a rush while your travelling, its ok to make some exceptions as I had to do a few times while I was visiting.

I found this website with a list of the best breads in Paris.

Authentic Parisian Food

Holly wanted to bring me to Authentic Parisian Restaurant… and by that she means one where it does not draw in tourists and the menu has no English on it.

A blend of different cured meats.

Onto the 2nd part of the meal.  I believe this was a cocottes.  According the free dictionary, a cocottes is

1. (Cookery) a small fireproof dish in which individual portions of food are cooked and served

2.a prostitute or promiscuous woman

It was like a beef Bouillabaisse; the dish not the prostitute.  There were no prostitutes on the premises.

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  1. This brings back so many good memories! Remember checking a bag full of food at the Louvre so that we could then picnic on the Pont des Arts? I almost died when the security guard whispered bon appetit!

  2. How Could I forget.. I should do a follow up post. I wish i took a picture of that bag and security guard :)

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