Meringue Cookies – Easy or Hard?

It rained in Florida today and I really wanted to make something without leaving the apartment. I keep typical cooking staples in the apartment, sugar, flour, eggs and a few spices for baking. So after searching, I couldn’t find anything that required minimal ingredients. I remembered how few ingredients meringue cookies require, so I went for that. I found a bunch of recipes but they all called for cream of tartar… what the hell is cream of tartar? My goal now was to find a substitute for cream of tartar… after checking a few sites, a bunch mentioned substituting the cream of tartar with white vinegar. Alright, sweet I have that and my mission to conquer Meringue Cookies continued on…

Long story short…

I started to realize as I was mixing, that the mixture was not hardening. I ended up just pouring the mixture into a pyrex bowl and let it cook and see what happened. Well, I think it would of turned out ok but I took it out too early. I would upload a picture but it would just be a picture of the trash, because that is where the meringue concoction went.

Whoever said Meringue Cookies was easy to make was lying! Any tips on perfecting Meringue Cookies is much appreciated.

Baking Fail

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