Breaking the tradition – Christmas for Jews

A typical Christmas for Jews is Chinese food and the movies. Not by choice but because they are the only places that are open on Christmas.  This year my sister had her husband’s family in town and decided to have a get together. It was quite a smorgasbord of food. I was just happy not to be eating Chinese food.


Clam Dip – made specially by me.  (Recipe to follow)
Candied Salami
Platter of cheeses
Warm Onion Cheese Dip


Baked Ziti
Baked Chicken Wings
Greek Shish Kabobs

Now that I have started this blog, I’m obsessed with taking pictures of food. I took about 250 pictures yesterday and I think 150 were just of food alone. I had to take the perfect picture to post.

My brother in law’s family either thought it was odd or enthusiastic and wanted to share recipes. Another asked me, well how do you make money from this? Well, umm, I don’t. Another asked, well why are you doing this?  I didn’t really have answer. I know there is one but I haven’t figured it out yet.  I’m OK with that for now. I’m having fun and haven’t quit yet. It’s quite an accomplishment for me.

Clam Dip - baked by me and will follow up with a recipe. This is my favorite appetizer to serve and make

clam dip

Warm Onion Parmesan Dip

Warm Onion Parmesan Dip

Candied Salami- Marinate with a sweet glaze for 24 hours.

Potatoes - Cooked with Lipton Soup – they were mighty tasty as you can see someone was already trying to steal a bite

Potatoes with Chicken Broth

Baked Ziti - this was my favorite, mostly because I love pasta and tasted like Lasagna.

baked ziti

baked ziti

Greek Sheesh Kabobs – my sister did a great job putting these together. They look like a work of art.

greek sheesh kabobs

Kabobs on the grill

Grilled Kabobs

Steak -I try not too each too much red meat but I had to taste this. I really wanted more it was amazing. Bravo to my brother in law
Chicken wings - these were cooked 2 ways. Rubbed with spices and barbecue sauce. (My brother in law’s mother made these) I’ll have to write up a post next time I make them.  They are really a hit. Perfect for when you have people over watching the game.

chicken wings

My plate - I must of had big eyes because I could barely touch the food. Lesson learned – don’t fill up on appetizers.

My Plate of food

Group Shot of Everyone feasting on the grub (mind the solo red cups – we normally don’t serve them at a dinner)
Group around table

Now – I hope everyone enjoyed this post as it took me forever to select the photos, resize, upload them and the fact that I uploaded the group shot of everyone eating. Classic!. I will probably get yelled at for uploading that one :)

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  1. That is a spread to rival any Christmas dinner. A great way to spend the holiday even if you aren’t exactly celebrating the holiday!

  2. Love the group shot.
    And that salami would have been a big hit around here.
    Happy Holidays.

  3. glad to see you broke tradition, what an incredible smorgasbord you enjoyed! I wish I could have been there!
    Welcome to Foodbuzz!

  4. Wow, these pictures are making me so hungry! Can you please post the recipe for the Baked Ziti? I would love to try to make it. Great job on the blog!

  5. wow! everything looks so good!

  6. I didn’t exactly celebrate the holiday either ( Xmas for me is on the 7th of January), but I did go to a friend’s house that does celebrate and ate all her food! :)

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