Since being back from New York, I have gone into cupcake withdrawal.  This is probably a good thing as I had way too many cupcakes when I was there.  At the time, it was worth every bite and calorie I had.  ( my mother probably would disagree).

Here is my rundown of cupcakes:

Round 1:  Limelight Marketplace-

I met up with my friend Lachelle on Wednesday and told her about my obsession with cupcakes.  She was surprised and confessed that she shared the same fixation.  I’m just in shock that I had no idea she loved cupcakes.  I should of suspected this when she sent my friend Laura a bouquet of flowers shaped like a cupcake (Laura loves cupcakes as much as I do). Once I told her my secret, she knew exactly where to take me. We headed to Limelight Marketplace. It was a sweet tooth lover’s wet dream.

She took me to her favorite vendor… They actually started with  a cupcake truck around the city which you can find their daily location by following them on twitter.  Lachelle insisted on buying me a cupcake and I did not stop her from doing it :).  I was so excited about the cupcake that I ate it right away and forgot to take a picture of it. I did however take a picture of the location in Limelight. – they nailed the frosting but the cake was overcooked/dry.  Lachelle said its never like that, so I would give this place another try.

Round 2: Billy’s Bakery

The following day I was meeting up with my friend Holly and needed to kill some time before she could meet up.  I was already in the 20’s on 6th Ave and remembered that Billy’s Bakery was on 9th. After yesterday’s adventure I knew I wanted to take a bunch of pictures this time.

Little girls outside Billy’s Bakery. Thought they were so cute and was trying to get a perfect shot without looking like a crazy stalker.

girls eating cupcakes

They have a large selection of cupcakes. I always go straight for the vanilla/vanilla and the red velvet flavors.

billy's bakery cupcakes

The inside of Billy’s Bakery comes off as a rustic old school bakery and you would expect everyone that worked there to have that same charm. I was certainly mistaken. They were straight up business. A friendly smile would of sufficed.

man serving cupcakes

After picking up my cupcakes and headed to 59th and 5th to meet up with Holly.  I wanted to be artistic and find a home with stairs to put the cupcakes on.  I got lazy and decided to put them on a bench.

red velvet cupcake
red velvet cupcake bite

The icing on the red velvet was sweet and subtle on the cream cheese. They reminded me of Magnolia and Buttercup Cupcakes which are my favs.

Round 3:  Sweet Revenge

Post New Year’s Day Brunch, my friends Alyson and Laurie and myself were headed to the movies to see Blue Valentine. Unfortunately, it was sold out.  So we headed towards Laurie’s apartment, and she wanted to show me her favorite local cupcake place. Actually, I think it was more of a coffee shop that had cupcakes.

sweet revenge

sweet revenge inside

I was not lying when I said they had a small selection.

cupcake selection

cupcake holder

They send you on your way with the cupcake in a cute cup but they put a cover on it which ends up smushing the cupcake.  :(

sweet revenge cupcakes

The cake part was very dense and did not feel like I was eating a cupcake, more like a cake.  I don’t know if because I was so full from brunch but I could not finish the cupcake/cake in one sitting. I also felt the frosting was overwhelmingly too sweet.  But hey, although they earned a lot of negative points, I give them props for at least trying to be different. Plus, just because I’m not fan doesn’t mean you won’t be.

sweet revenge pure cupcake

Round 4: Two Little Red Hens

They day before I left, I went to the movies with Lachelle to see Black Swan.  On our way back, she suggested we check out Two Little Red Hens.

2 little red hens bakery

They sell mini cupcakes… how cute. :) I had to convince Lachelle to let me buy one for her. She went for a mini one.

cupcake selection

I had to get a red velvet cupcake. I was disappointed to find out it was heavy on the cream cheese. If you are a cream cheese lover, this is the perfect cupcake for you.

red velvet cupcake

I saved the best for last, well actually it happened to work out that way. The vanilla vanilla cupcake was amazing. The cake was light, the frosting was perfect. I have now found my new favorite cupcake.

vanilla cupcake

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  1. realy nice photo & yummmmmmmmm cupcakes.

  2. I never got into the “cupcake” … I love to make them, but I am not too crazy about eating them. But, that red velvet cupcake might change my mind! :)

  3. Yum..looks so sweet and delicious!

  4. What a fun trip! A friend of mine was thinking of opening a cupcake shop here at home and did a similar trip to yours for “research”. She had a blast! I recognize some of the same names.

  5. So many cupcake tastings! It sounded like you had quite a good time just wandering the streets trying new cupcakeries :) Glad you finally found one you liked!

  6. I am a cupcake junkie too. How do I get my cupcakes on CHOWDOWN CHICA???

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