New Year’s Eve Dinner – Stanton Social

I took so long to get back to writing that this is kind of old news already but this dinner is worth talking about.  I always find  New Year’s Eve overrated, still do, especially after last New Year’s Eve being an extreme disappointment. Let me back track to last year:

A bunch of my friends came in to Miami Beach to spends New Year’s Eve here.  We decided to have a nice dinner at Phillipe.  By nice dinner, I mean 200 bucks a pop. Sounds crazy right? Well that’s pretty standard for Miami and NYC on New Year’s Eve.  And for that money, you think you would be treated like royalty. (I like to think so).  We had the late seating so we can be there for when the ball dropped.  I honestly forget what the 200 dollars per person included, except that it was suppose to be a bottle of champagne for every 2 people.  They were so stingy and treated the champagne like it was on limited supply and did not let us keep the bottles at the table. It was a shared “resource” between all the patrons at the restaurant.  After begging for champagne, we also had to beg for food. We were not allowed to order, we had to take whatever they gave us whether we liked it or not.  It looked like they were giving us scraps from other people’s tables.  I’m not sure if other table’s experienced this or if because we were the last table to be seated. The whole experience was horrendous.

Now I wanted to share that story for you to understand why we were pleasantly surprised this year. I headed to New York City this year because any attempt of convincing my friend’s to come to Miami after last year’s fiasco would be pointless. We decided on spending New Year’s Eve at Stanton Social in the Lower East Side. Stanton Social on a normal evening is suppose to have amazing food.  The New Year’s Eve deal was unlimited food and Chandon for $125 per person. Sounds to good to be true.  It was legit.  Everything sounded so good on the menu that I let my friends do the picking. They serve family style. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

amuse- bouche

This was an amuse-bouche. Fun fact-  according to wikipedia an amuse-bouche is not actually an appetizer or ordered by the patrons.  It is selected by the chef and served as an excitement of taste buds both to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef’s approach to cooking.

In the photo above- I had to yell at my friend for touching the food because I did not get my picture yet. As you can see with one of the pieces not aligned right. I wish I remembered what everything was. My favorite was the one in the 2nd row which had Foie Gras in it.

snapper tacos

Red Snapper Tacos - creamy avocado & spicy mango

stanton social

Don’t be mad but I don’t remember what this was but I assure it was delicious. Remember it was unlimited champagne.  :(

french onion dumplings

French Onion Soup Dumplings - these were not my favorite.  They also made the whole restaurant smell. Sorry.

pizza flat bread

Grilled Ovendried Tomato Pizzetta -fresh mozzarella & grana, roasted garlic & chile oil

east west oysters

East & West Coast Oysters - one friend said they were a little fishy but are usually good.  We blamed it on the snowstorm from earlier in the week. If you think the picture is just a plate of ice, its because I forgot to take a picture when it first came out.

lobster dish

This was special for New Year’s Eve. It was some pasta with lobster dish.  I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting a sweet flavor but my friend enjoyed it.

meatballs and sliders

Grilled Cheese Slider aged cheddar, house cured jalapeño bacon, fried green tomato & lemon aioli


Old School Meatballs – basil & ricotta ‘manicotti’

We were so full from everything we ate, that the sliders did not get touched except maybe 1.  The meatballs were very tasty. I  actually preferred the manicotti.


After looking at the menu again… my mouth started watering.  I want to go back and try the follwing:

Barbeque Duck Confit  & Black Bean Empanadas- smoked tomato & blood orange jam

Hand Pulled Chicken Arepas - manchego, jalapeno salsa verde

Creekstone Farms Braised Short Rib Soft Tacos - cherry tomato relish & poblano crema

This New Year’s Eve dinner was a success. The only negative points was that they forget to do a countdown until after the fact. I’ll forgive them as they were probably drunk. I would highly recommend going to Stanton Social for any night not just New Year’s.

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  1. I love this place! I have never been there for a holiday, but it is a nice place to celebrate a birthday.

  2. Oh my, that food is gorgeous!!!

    Happy New Year! Best wishes in 2011!

  3. I agree that New Year’s is overrated. I live in New York so I know how restaurants handle it. My experience this year was decent. The restaurant had one menu and everything was tasty, but you can’t expect too much on NYE, even if you are paying more than usual. I’m glad your experience was so positive this year. I really want to check our Stanton Social now.

  4. Looks like a fabulous feast! I’m so glad this NYE was more enjoyable!

  5. These are my New Year’s resolutions: 1)Make an? effort to make someone’s day brighter as soon as a week. 2) Maintain my GPA, and volunteer much more both on campus and inside my community. three) Run a half marathon with my sister 4) Eradicate unnecessary or negative stressors in my life five) Produce a recipe binder, try new things, take photos for the binder 6) Make an effort to stay in contact with friends and family. 7) Get more sleep!

  6. Now i’m starving :) Man that all looks so good!

  7. These pics are awesome!! Great post.

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