Appetizing Appetizer – Caprese Bruschetta

I first started making this appetizer after attending a potluck dinner party. I’m actually not a cheese fan. Most of you who are reading this and do not know me are probably in shock and saying “who doesn’t love cheese” Well, me! Of course there are some exceptions, like this recipe, but I assure you I truly will never care for cheese like a true cheese lover.

At the potluck,  the girl who made this appetizer  introduced me to balsamic glaze. Amazing! Now, if I can only find other recipes to use it on…

mozzarella tomato basil baguette

Plum Tomato
Fresh Basil
Mozzarella (cut slice – half an inch thick)
Balsamic Glaze

I use a fresh baguette from the store and have them  slice the bread for me.  I’ve tried slicing the bread at home but just ended up squishing the slices.

When preparing this dish, I place the sliced bread on the serving dish.  I layer the bread with the basil, tomato and then the  mozzarella.  I use plum tomato because it the perfect size for the bread.  I sprinkle salt and pepper on each piece. Finally, I drizzle the balsamic glaze across the serving dish onto each piece.


You can toast the bread prior to layering it with the ingredients to get a warm and crispy texture. I prefer the bread soft. Another suggestion would be to possible butter the bread prior to toasting it to add more flavor. However, I think the balsamic glaze compliments the light flavors of the mozzarella, tomato, basil and bread very well that nothing else is needed. But, hey, I’m bias. :)

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  1. Perfection!!I love that combo, and it looks soooo good! Yummm!!!:)

  2. I love these little healthy treats – they look delicious! The glaze sounds wonderful!

    • Gabby@FoodChowDown

      the balsamic glaze is heavenly. You should def pick up a bottle next time your at the store if you haven’t already

  3. Oh man, oh man – how I LOVE balsamic glaze! So delicious, it is one of my new favorite things. I love the simplicity of this appetizer, and it is almost guaranteed to please everybody. Love it! Nice pictures too.

  4. My husband is also not a huge cheese fan, but I love it so! Maybe this will change his tune…

    • Gabby@FoodChowDown

      buffalo mozzarella is not a strong cheese so when I added a flavor that i loved like balsamic glaze I became a fan of this dish. I’m still working on other cheeses.

  5. mmmmm this looks yummy and I love cheese :-)

  6. The photo came out great!!! It looks like a professional food photograher took it. And I know it tastes good too!

  7. Yum, yum and more yum! Is there anything better than caprese?? I LOVE fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, good bread… yum! Yours looks amazing too!

  8. Your appetizers look fantastic! Tomato, mozzarella and basil are such a classic combination. I love balsamic glaze too – it’s such a wonderful ingredient!

    Thank you for linking up to Feed Me Tweet Me Follow Me Home – I’ve followed you on Twitter. Hope to see you again on Friday this week!

  9. Hi Gabby! Thanks so much for stopping by feed me tweet me follow me home friday! I am now following you via networked blogs and also on twitter! Caprese salad is my ultimate summer food memory! I adore the flavors and when I am eating it i know I have tons of luxurious home grown tomatoes to make more and more with! I do hope you stop by a moderate life for a visit and especially on tuesdays for the hearth and soul hop! I think you would fit right in! all the best, Alex

    • Gabby@FoodChowDown

      Thanks so much for following me and coming to my site to say hi. I def will be visiting your site more often.

  10. I made this last night . Everyone thought it was fabulous!!
    Thanks Gabby.

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