I’ve been M.I.A

This is the second time I’ve been M.I.A since starting this blog late November 2010.

The first time being when I headed to NYC over New Years and was not near a kitchen to cook. I did however eat out a lot and eat tons of sweets but I wasn’t near a computer to constantly update everything I ate. I think that was a big mistake. Lesson learned. Not sure I’ll lug a computer with me when I travel but I will sure to try to get access to a computer and upload photos or videos while I’m away.

This time around… ugh. I had to move, my lease was up. So the week or two prior I was packing up my kitchen and this past week… I have just been trying to get settled in and also lack of internet connection. I don’t wish moving on anyone. Its never quick and easy and it didn’t help that I was pennywise dollar foolish. Lesson sorta learned. Since moving is already painful as it is, do it the right way and don’t always try to save money, it could end up costing you in other ways.

I will say that I may have not been updating my blog but I did join twitter. I really never thought I would ever join. I’m in online marketing, so when twitter first started, I kept saying “this is stupid”, “who cares what your doing” “I’m never joining” “I refuse to join”, well you get the point. I really underestimated the power of twitter. While I may have not been posting, I was maintaining good traffic to my blog thanks to twitter and some natural search. Lesson learned: I will say that I never had a reason to join twitter before but once you have a site it definitely is worth joining at least for some extra traffic. It won’t hurt, give it a try. And of course you can follow me on twitter @foodchowdown.

I know everyone who is a foodie loves pictures and I would take a picture of my kitchen but it’s a mess. I will embarrass my little puppy Brady and upload a picture of him for the hell of it. :) He’s turning 1 on the 17th.

Brady Shih Tzu

Stay Tuned… I plan to post about a local mom and pop shop and my adventures at Boca Raton’s Junior League’s 10th Annual Chocolate Decadence Event.

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  1. Great post, glad you updated us!!

  2. Gabby@FoodChowDown

    aww thanks reems, xoxo

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