Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

Well technically I celebrated my birthday on February 11th but in the blog world I’m celebrating it late.  This year I went to lunch with my mom and sisters and my baby niece at Villagio in Mizner Park located in Boca Raton, FL.  This is my 2nd year celebrating my birthday here.  It’s a good central meeting point between where I live and my sisters live plus I love Italian food. Hey – I would love for them to drive all the way down to me but I have to take  into consideration that they both have kids.  We actually did not invite the other kiddies because well try having 3 additional kids under 5 running around while you’re trying to celebrate an occasion.  We actually did it two years ago for my sisters birthday at Villagio and it was the most unpleasant experience for everyone there, even the other patrons. So we learned our lesson the hard way and now we celebrate all of our birthdays with the just the ladies of the family.

The Food

After ordering your meals, the server will bring your pita bread with bruschetta dipping salsa. This is very yummy and if you can handle your garlic, dig in!

bruschetta with flat bread

My mom and sisters ordered on the boring yet healthy side.  I don’t blame them I love salad too but when it comes to your birthday lunch there’s no going healthy here, at least for me that is. :)

Greek Salad with Chicken - they forgot to put the chicken in so with a quick mention to the waiter, he realized the mistake and got a side of chicken to add to the salad.

greek salad with chicken

I believe this was some type of nicoise but probably called something fancier on the menu as I don’ recall it being called Nicoise Salad.

Nicoise Salad

Now, I saved the best for last. My meal.  I ordered stuffed ravioli with porcini mushrooms and chicken.  It was very delicious and I ate every last bite. I made my mom and sister a bit jealous so I did let them have a bite.

stuffed ravioli with porcini mushrooms and chicken

To a great end to a birthday meal is of course the dessert. Tartufo gelato

tartufo gelato

We attempted to get 3 generations of females in the family picture, but its hard to tell a 5  month old to pose especially when she’s hysterical crying and needs a nap. :)

family picture

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  1. Happy belated birthday :) The food sure looks yummy! When I went to this Italian restaurant in Queens, NY, I had a dessert that looked just like Tartufo gelato (I always forget the name of it) but it was delicious nonetheless.

    • Gabby@FoodChowDown

      thanks jennifer… desserts are always the best part of any meal. ha – well maybe that’s just me, I do have an an awfully big sweet tooth.. :)

  2. Happy belated Birthday!!! Looks like you had a delicious time! Gorgeous photo at the end…you guys are so beautiful!

  3. Happy belated birthday. What a wonderful picture! I wish you a wonderful year to come.


  4. happy belated birthday. seems like you girls had lots of fun and great food to enjoy. the photo is precious.

  5. Everything looks so good! Happy Belated Birthday! Gelato tartufo? Amazing!

  6. Seem we also share the same birthday month as well. Happy Belated!

    That food looks delish. I’ve been to Mizner Park once with my boyfriend and we ate at some Spanish/Mexican Place…can’t even remember the name. Wasn’t that impressed.

    Next time we will have to try Villagio! Beautiful family you have as well.

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