Don’t forget Mom and Pop – Davie’s Subs

Why are we so fixated on going to chain restaurants? Is it because of the millions of dollars of marketing…?  Probably so.  Other than the marketing, the quality of food is just lackluster.  I’m talking about Subway here. For 5 dollars, you can get select* footlongs for 6 slimy pieces of meat. I have to put an asterisk by select because their new campaign Februany, allows you to get ANY footlong for 5. I haven’t been there to confirm if this is true or not, who knows what the little white writing  on the bottom of tv commericals says. Your main ingredient in your healthy so called sandwich is consisting of bread, topped with the extras.  Ok, let me clarify, I’m sure the sandwich is somewhat healthy, but what are we really paying for?  Isn’t a sandwich, a sandwich because of the meat? If  we want extra meat, that costs money. And the quality of meat is a joke.  Now, I didn’t want to spend this much time talking about Subway because that’s not why I’m writing this article. but before I move on to the main point, I wanted to talk about one last component that is missing in chains… customer service.  I believe this is where Subway and most chains fail on.  What happened to the warm greeting and a smile and knowing your name?

A quality sandwich and great customer service goes a long way with me.  In Davie, Fl, off of Davie Rd, there are not many places to go eat except for mainly chains, like McDonalds, Wendys, BurgerKing, this is due to the fact that there are many local colleges down the street. I don’t exactly remember my first time going to Davie’s sub, (it was only a few weeks ago), but I do remember how great the sandwich was and that I wanted to go back. From the outside, I probably would have never gone in there. My colleague said he really liked it there so I was willing to try it out.

Davie Sub

The outside of Davie’s Sub. I think its very busy looking but who I am to say anything to him. I would actually say something but I don’t want to be rude.

Bryan Davie Sub Owner

Meet Bryan, the owner of Davie’s Subs.  We sat outside as it was a nice warm day in sunny South Florida.  Once our food was ready, he came outside to bring it to us. Call that Service!

By the 2nd time, I went to Davie’s Subs, he remembered me from the first visit and wanted to know my name. The 3rd visit, I get a joyful greeting from Bryan plus he remembered my name. I was in shock, who remembers your name these days? At a sub place no less.

He does things a little backwards, he makes you pay after you eat.  He must have a lot of trust these days for people to not eat and run.  I guess that what happens when you become friendly with your customers. He does do the loyal customer thing as well, get 6 subs and get $3 offer.  He doesn’t do the get 1 free sub but hey I’ll take the $3 dollars offer.  Bryan doesn’t offer a card for you to get stamped, but he puts your name in his book, so that you don’t have to remember to bring your flimsy card that you would probably lose.  (side note: do you know how  many times I’ve tried filling out those cards to always end up losing them or never bringing them in with me).

He really tries to keep up with the marketing/promotions for a mom&pop shop.  I’m not quite sure if he can take all the credit in his marketing/promotions.  I’m pretty sure the time he offered free homemade soup for any boar’s head sub probably was his idea.  However, he does partner with Boar’s Head and he started to do a little SMS marketing (mobile marketing0.  You just provide your phone number and he’ll send a text with the sub of the week. If you buy a 6 inch sub that is the special of the week, you’ll get the other 6inch free.  I was impressed with this promotion as I am in online marketing.  I realize this was Boar’s Head marketing to help promote their brand but nonetheless I was impressed.

boars head turkey sub

My Boars Head turkey sub with mayo, lettuce, tomato, sweet peppers and salt and pepper.  Hold the cheese! (not the biggest fan of cheese) It’s a pretty simple sub that you can’t possible mess up but you would be surprised.  Too much mayo or too much salt or pepper could ruin it. Not in this case, this suited my taste buds perfectly.  I love sweet peppers and not ever place has that as add on to your sub.

shih tzu brady

My puppy Brady joined us for lunch.  I’m lucky that I can bring him to the office.  I feel bad leaving him at home by himself. Although having him with me so much, does not help his separation anxiety.

So lesson learned, don’t judge a book by its cover. It may not be the prettiest on the outside but the quality of food I thought far surpassed Subway.  Plus, with the customer service/ friendly greetings that he offers who wouldn’t want to come back.  It’s very hard to find a place that remembers you or even wants to!  Next time you’re thinking of getting a sub, skip Subway and find your local sub shop.  You’ll never look back!

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  1. We have a sub place like this just up the street from where I live called “paul’s subs” big greasy subs but sooo delicious. It’s an unassuming place, but is totally worth it. Also has all day breakfast!!

  2. I love the mom and pop stores/restaurants! I agree with you on every point about the fast food restaurants… but as you stated, the millions spent in marketing do pay off…that’s why the mom and pop shops are almost non-existent. Unfortunately.

  3. Next time I’m over that way, I’m going to have to remember this place. I have gotten into the habit of Yelp (ing) places to eat from my smartphone when out and about.

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