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Welcome to Food Chow Down —

My name is Gabby and I live in sunny South Florida, and just started foodblogging in November 2010.  I haven’t quite figured out why I started blogging yet or why I’m doing it. I get asked a lot by family and friends.

Right now, if I was to answer the question, it would probably be a 3 part answer. Most of this I am quite ashamed and embarrassed but I’m putting it all out there.

1) I love food. Who doesn’t?  To be honest, I was such a fickle eater when I was younger, My meals consisted of pasta with ketchup, soup and more pasta with ketchup.  I don’t quite remember when I started expanding my taste buds but. As I got older around 13, I wanted to open up a jewish deli because I loved the food we ate at holiday time.    My family and friends use to tease me about it and actually still do to this day. I may never be a professional chef but this can be my outlet.

2) I love photography. I’ve always had an eye for photgraphy. In 11th grade, I bought my first Canon Rebel SLR.  I took a photography class and even was on the school newspaper as Photography editor and worked for the local newspaper.  The only problem, I never learned how to use the camera properly. I still used it in automatic setting.  I still kept my interest in photography but put it in the backburner in college and even when I was living in New York.  Now that I’m back in Florida, I bought myself a Nikon D60 yet again I never learned how to use it besides just snapping on automatic.  After browsing endlessly through all these foodblogs, I knew this would push me to really sharpen my skills.

3)  Since graduating college, I ‘ve been in the online marketing field. Online field is always changing and expanding. I focus on email and never learned SEO and now we have social media. I thought by putting together my own site, this would get more interested and actually put all these skills, or lack thereoff, into use.

I know I said 3, but there’s one more.  I’m not that strong of a writer so figured this would be a great way to sharpen those skills as well and be able to add some of  my own sarcasm and wit.

This is my project… My Food, Photography, Online, Writing Project. Hope you Enjoy!

(BTW – I may end up changing this page but I wanted to put something here so you guys can get to know the person behind the words and photos)


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